BSNX Rule Based Inference Engine

BSNX is a rule based expert engine written in Python. It is a powerful tool that allows a user to quickly and accurately capture knowledge and implement a rule based expert system. BSNX provides a simple mechanism for capturing a domain's knowledge. It allows the user to define the data which is then used by the engine to derive the inferences during execution.

BSNX is uses a clips like definition language that makes it esay to capture domain knowledge and facts. Once rules and initial facts are fed into the system, the inference engine uses pattern matching techniques to identify and execute the user defined rules. In addition, the system provides a chain of reasoning facility that allows the user to follow the engine's process to help ensure the accuracy of the rule set.


Why not use CLIPS? A great question. Clips provides a fast and full featured pattern matching inference engine so why try to replace it? The biggest problem with CLIPS is the limitations of the rule engine and the dificulty of implementing complex functional algorithms within the rule framework.

BSNX on the other hand was built from the ground up around the concept of easy integration of custom rule actions. These actions have easy and complete access to the facts stored within the system's memory. In addition BSNX tries to provide a less bulky means of generating fact and rule definitions.

Custom Solutions

n + 1 can work with you to develop a knowledge based rule system. You can leverage our expertise in intelligent systems to create custom solutions for your organization.


n + 1 provides full service support for the BSNX inference engine. We can help you solve any issues you encounter using our engine.

Features of BSNX

  • Powerful rule based engine
  • Includes a complete pattern matching inference engine
  • Easy integration of cutom rule actions
  • Captures chain of reasoning for easy debugging
  • Clips like definition language
  • Engine is written in Python
  • Custom rules can be easily added in Python

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