Our Mission

"Simplifing the process of developing knowledge based systems"

n + 1's Expertise

n + 1 is a software development company with a focus on providing top tiered rule based knowledge systems. We help customers develop expert systems to solve real world problems. We have developed expert ssolutions for such organizations like TopWorx.

n + 1 is actively developing the BSNX rule based inference engine. services for those who wish to build expert rule based solutions. Small Batch Cyclery is using the rule engine to develop a knowledge system to help coach cyclists, runners, swimmers, and multi-sport athletes.

Featured Product

BSNX Rule Based Inference Engine

BSNX is a rule based engine written in Python. It features a full featured pattern matching inference engine to capture and execute a knowledge system. BSNX provids a chain of reasoning facility to ensure rule correctness. The system was built to integrate custom rule actions into the system for a more flexible and powerful solution for knowledge based systms.

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