1990's - a small group of students at the University of Louisville's Speed Engineering School founded a Linux Student Users Group to help students learn and become familiar with Linux and Open Source software. By the end of the 90's, four of the founding members of the group began to see the potential for Linux in the business community. At the end of 1999, they began formulating a business plan to create a Linux and Open Source consulting firm.

April, 2000 - n + 1 is incorporated.

2000's - n + 1 became a premier Linux and Open Source solution provider in the region. We provided Linux consulting, custom software development, and various training on Open source technologies.

2009 - Recognizing the growing need for providing high quality training solutions, n + 1 shifted its focus to meeting this need both locally and on a regional scale. We continued to offer world class Linux and Open Source consulting services to our clients.

2015 - n + 1 reogranized to become a software development company with a focus on providing top tiered rule based knowledge systems. n + 1 is actively developing the BSNX rule based inference engine. We also provide consulting services for those who wish to build expert rule based systems.

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801 Browns Ferry Rd
Frankfort KY, 40601

Phone: 502.276.6277
Email: info@nplus1.net

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