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Open source technologies are a secure and reliable solution for companies. They give companies an affordable option to solving their real operational problems. n + 1 can help companies take advantage of the power of open source.

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Benefits of Open Source

The primary benefit of open source is it's freedom it provides the user. They are free from vendor lock in. They are free to use as many copies as they want. They are free to cusomize it to fit their needs. In short they are free to use it however they see fit.

Secondly, open source is both secure and reliable. The open nature means more eyes on the code. Making it more likely to find bugs and fix security holes that isn't available to closed source solutions. It also lends it to being a reliable solution which will provide peace of mind to the users.

Lastly, open source is an affordable option. The lack of licensing fees allow users to pour resources into customizing the solution to fit the needs of your organization.

n + 1 utilizes Linux, Python, Django, and other open source tools to provide companies with solutions that are effective, reliable, and affordable in solving their business's needs.

Linux System Installation and Management

n + 1 can walk you through the procurement and installation of Linux and other open source technologies. We also provide maintenance plans for keeping the software updated and fix any system issues that can arise over the life of the product.

System Integrations with Python

If you have multiple systems that need to be able to work together, the Python programming language can be used to blend the systems. Python is a language that has been around since 1991 and has a massive library of wrappers to work with various systems. Our programming team can help leverage these tools to make your various systems work closer together.

Custom Solutions with Django and Python

Companies have a number of areas that are critical to their success as a business. Many times the off the shelf software available can't help them execute in these areas. A custom software solution might be the answer. n +1 has helped companies develop these solutions over the last 20+ years. Django is a Python web development platform that is ideal rapid development of custom software solutions. n + 1 can utilize open source to develop a cost effective custom solution to your business's most pressing problems.


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